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Jdguyb3. Thats me!
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:27 am    Post subject: Jdguyb3. Thats me! Zoom Reply with quote

Well where to start

I first joined this forum to deny myself the pleasures of my fetish, and the pleasures of everyone else.

For that, I am sorry. But since then I have accepted my fetish as something not abnormal, but not normal. It's somewhere in the midle ya know? I can think of a million other fetishes that other people are just as self-concious about. Foot fetishes, Lingerie fetishes, Hentai fetishes, Rape fetishes, tentacle fetishes, stuck fetishes, stuck in clothes fetishes, stuck in cement fetishes, vore fetishes, and so on. I can relate to all these fetishes and so can you really. There all so secretive. I do not hold the secret that I enjoy seeing girls in quicksand. I tell people everyonce in a while. Although sometimes I feel as If I need to know another persons secrets before I say mine. It's just not right if a friend of mine tells me about his fetishes and I say nothing. I must indulge upon telling my close friends about my quicksand fetish. I even got another person to try and search for girls in quicksand on google. He found nothing but I'm going to tell him about deepsinking.org. He has lingered onto hentai and rape websites. Did you know there are rape stories? I find one thing in common with these rape stories and girls in quicksand stories. Sometimes the conscious takes control and at the end of the wstory, the girl pulls herself out, or a guy comes to her rescue. Well in rape stories, so my friend has told, sometimes the girl begins to enjoy the forced sex, making it not rape at all. I like that.

I was born in Lubbock Texas while my father was finishing school a Texas Tech. The airforce payed for his tuition. My mother watched over me and my 4 year old brother until we moved to California. There I made friends with the other kids on Edwards Air force Base. I do remember somethings of my child hood. My strongest toddler memory is waking up in the middle of the night. It was christmas eve. Me and my brother went to the living room at somewhere around 4am and found millions of toys. Dude, when your 3 years old, it's all about He-Man. After Edwards Air Force Base, we moved to Lake Ridge Virginia. I loved Virginia and may decide to live there sometime in the near future. When on vacation in Ney york, visiting grandma and grandpa, I read the book My Shrunken Head. It is a Goosebumps book about a kid who gets a shrunken head which has powers. But there was quicksand in this book! I read the quicksand scene with intesity and I felt so WEIRD! It was such a strange feeling! I cant describe it. Never have I felt the same feeling! Wow it was awesome. I started to play with my friends and imagine that there was quicksand at the base of the hill. I ventured intomy make-believe quicksand and one of the girls followed me. My first girls in quicksand experience. I just didnt appreciate it enough. Soon afteerwards I moved to Ohio where I found thick deep mud behind my house at the construction yard. I ventured into it hoping to sink but getting scared when the mud was more than knee deep. I had friends with me and they seemed fascinated by it too. Maybe there on deepsinking.org who knows! Its a small world. Soon I moved to Florida where I found more mud in my back yard. Underwater mud, but still mud! I tried to sink in it with my friend wathcing me, and I got the feeling he thought I was weird. Soon my fascination with quicksand brought me to the worldwide web! I searched for quicksand one day and stumbled upon Koals and Mudgecko's site. My life was about to be changed forever! GIRLS IN QUICKSAND!!! It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I had to find more! Soon everything evolved to yahoo groups and I followed, lurking as some may say. But I enjoyed it! It was awesome. But I must say, finding out people were the same as me was not a satisfying to me as it could have been to others. I was satisfied, but I dont think I appreciated it until I started posting on deepsinking.org. I feel as if some hole in my soul has been filled, talking about quicksand and commenting on artwork and fakes. I love this website. It has brought me a lot of joy! Soon I may muster up the courage to make some fakes or write some stories. Probably write some stories and not fakes because I have no software for making fakes with.

Well there's my introduction and I'd love to join the Sinking Island!


Girls in quicksand.....
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