About Forum Administration

About Forum Administration

Who are the Moderators and what do they do?

If you click on the "Moderators" link beneath the title of any Forum you can see the list of moderator names for that Forum. It is the responsibility of the Moderators to check the topic threads for off-topic or any offensive/dangerous/illegal exchanges and delete them. They may participate in the general discussions of the group, but that activity is differentiated from the sometimes severe actions their mandate requires them to take.

Please note that the moderators do their best to keep watch over the Forum's content, and if they become aware of a problem, they will delete materials as required by law or in the best interests of the board. However, the moderators are people too; they volunteer for this responsibility out of love for the community, and don't receive any compensation. So they cannot and should not be expected to catch or immediately respond to every possible problem.

How can I contact a Moderator without posting to the forum?

From the same page that listed the Moderator names you can click "email" and send a message. Remember that you must be logged in (and have some posting experience) to use the email feature, and that the Forum software will not allow you to see the Moderators' actual email addresses.

If you are unable to use the email feature, or if doing so is not appropriate, you are welcome to contact Foster Blake for general board-related issues or Jiminy Thicket for technical issues.