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Forum Map

The Quicksand Channel

"The Quicksand Channel" is a group of three content-oriented forums designed to mimic what you might find on TV if there existed an "all quicksand all the time" channel somewhere in the heart of the Cableverse.

Since the "Saturday" forums are content-oriented, if you start a new topic there, your post must contain an attachment or other form of content: pictures, stories, drawings, videos, songs, poems, et-endless-cetera. Responses to the original post usually consist of positive comments and sometimes additional material extending the thread's theme.

Simple hyperlinks to something relevant generally belong in "Into the Swamp."

If something is posted that doesn't fit the "timeslot" where it appears, it will be moved by the moderators. Please take care in assessing your content and save the hard working moderators' time.

There is a little bit of overlap in the "Saturday" forums, so please use your best judgment when posting.

Saturday Morning

The Saturday Morning forum is for "all ages" content. If this were your local cinema complex with popcorn and raisinettes, the forum would be rated G or PG. Most cartoons, stories with happy endings and non-violent content fall into this category. In the end, nobody dies in Saturday Morning.

Saturday Afternoon

The Saturday Afternoon forum is also for "all ages" content but displays a little more realism. Most mainstream movies fall into this category, as do melodramatic stories. Cartoon content has graduated to the Anime genre (but not ecchi or hentai – these will get the baka-hammer). At your theater, this forum would be rated PG or PG-13.

Saturday Evening

The Saturday Evening forum is for more dramatic depictions of quicksand, content more suitable for an adult audience. Most "Quicksand Video Producer" material that is not explicit is appropriate for this forum. Some racy material may be appropriate (think prime time television), but nothing explicit or gratuitous. A bikini should be a characters' farthest "state of undress" (no wardrobe malfunctions, please). At your theater, this forum would be rated PG-13.

Keep in mind that this topic is generally more of interest to young people than adults. Since the Internet is like an unpatrolled shopping mall, Deep Sinking acknowledges the fact that anyone can walk through the door. With that in mind, the Moderators will hold all content to these standards.

There are contributors whose material would likely be appropriate for Morning or Afternoon, but who choose to post only in the Evening. It will be up to each contributor to decide for themselves which venue suits their original work.

Discussion Forums

Into the Swamp

This is the main forum for discussion of quicksand-related topics, and not necessarily related to any specific contribution in the Saturday timeslots.

Example topics might include what you like about quicksand, why you like quicksand, where you might find quicksand, how you might get out of (or into) quicksand, and who you might like to have with you while you explore.

This is also the correct forum for posting links to and discussions of other "quicksand sightings" on the Internet, including news stories.

Technical Talk

This is a forum for addressing technical issues directly or tangentially related to the board. Issues involving problems accessing the board and how to view, post, or create the types of content found on the board are all on-topic for this forum.

Beyond the Swamp

This forum is for discussions that are off-topic for the subject of quicksand and deep mud, but which are still likely to be of interest to a large portion of the board membership.