Membership Information

Membership Information

Who can join Deep Sinking?

Deep Sinking welcomes all adults with an interest in discussing quicksand, deep mud (aka "quickmud"), and related topics within the boundaries set forth in this FAQ.

How do I join?

If you follow this link you will be taken directly to the registration page.

If (and only if) you agree to the registration terms, click the "I Agree" link. Fill out the information page, noting which answers are mandatory and which are optional. Click on the "Submit" link at the bottom of the page. If there are no entry errors, your registration information is submitted to the Forum administrator.

I filled out and submitted the form. Now what?

Depending on your server's email traffic, you should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. It will ask you to click on an encoded link to verify that your email address matches your request for membership. When the Forum administrator received your returned email, you will be completely registered to the Forum.

No email ever came. Now what?

If you are a Yahoo or AOL member, the chances are good your verification email was routed to your "Bulk" or "Spam" areas. In Yahoo, you have the ability to check your Bulk email and find the verification message. In AOL, you are doomed to their inadequate technical designs. In either case, if you cannot find the verification message, then send an email to are let him know the name you used to register into the forum. He will manually verify your registration and let you know your new status.

I filled out my profile. Can other people see it?

Other registered Forum members can read the information you entered into your Profile, but cannot read the registration information you used to join. By clicking on the "Edit Profile" link at the top of the page, you will be taken to the full profile editor, which controls all of your information. Only the information you place in the sections titled "Profile Information" and "Avatar Control Panel" can be seen by others. Information in "Registration Information" (other than your Username) and "Preferences" cannot be seen by others.

Board administrators can see everything you enter.

Can other people see my email address?

Forum members are unable to see email addresses of other members. If one member wants to contact another "offline" of the Forum, an email button presents text boxes in which messages can be written and sent. The Forum administration software will match the recipient's name to their registered email address and send the message. At no time does the sender see the recepient's true email address. However, it is important to remember that the reverse is not true. If you send a message to someone else through the board, the message will have your email address on it when it reaches them. They will be able to see it and reply.

I've belonged to similar Yahoo groups that got deleted. Will this one?

The Deep_Sinking Forum is hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, a web hosting service that does not interfere with the Forum's charter or content unless there are activities understood as illegal in the United States. It is understood that the Moderators keep watch over the Forum's content, and will delete contributions and memberships in order to protect the other members.

Who pays for the disk space and bandwidth charges?

Unlike Yahoo, where internet resources are paid through advertising (but are restricted to those who toe their ever-tightening controls over content) the new Deep Sinking forum exists thanks to the generous donations of its members. We are currently housed on a commercial server, which has very reasonable "pay for what you use" rates. If you'd like to keep track of how our budget for expenses is looking, check the Board Health Meter at the upper right corner of the Forum home page.

How can I help to keep this forum safe and free?

Now that we are hosting our own activity, we can remain free from others' restrictions by staying right where we are. To do so means keeping the "board health meter" well in the green. If you have a few extra dollars at the end of the month and would like to join the generous members who help us all enjoy this Forum, why not make a donation of whatever you can?

Just click the meter's title and you'll be taken to a page of explanations and instructions on how to use PayPal to help fund the Forum's activities.

What are the icons that some people have by their names?

This icon is to thank our recognized sponsors for their support for Deep_Sinking:


Three other icons indicate posts by the board administrators and the moderators.


Board Administrator


Board Moderator