Future Sinking Island Enhancements & Current Problems

Future Enhancements

Some of the below ideas are very good, and some are really, really bad. Got a better one? Let's hear it. No promises, but there's always plenty more room on this list.

If you see a way to help with one of these ideas, please send us an email. Not all of these items are about programming.

"Highly Likely" Features / Enhancements

These features are likely to be appear in the next few releases.

"Moderately Likely" Features / Enhancements

These features are likely to appear in a future release.

"Unlikely" Features & Enhancements

These features would be cool to add, but resources simply don't exist to add them at this time.

"Never" List

There are no plans to add these features because they are impossible or not necessary.

Known Issues

These are known problems with the Deep Sinking R/T software that may be encountered while visiting Sinking Island.

Pending Fixes

These issues will probably be fixed soon:


These bugs either can't be fixed, aren't understood well enough to fix, or the fix is not practical with resources currently available:

If you have encountered a bug that is not on this list, that means it is probably not known about, and hence will not be fixed. Please use the "Report" button to send as much specific information about the bug as possible so that it can be added to this list and hopefully fixed.

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