How to get to Sinking Island

Most Deep Sinking users don't need to take any special steps to get to Sinking Island. Departures are constant from the Sinking Island Information page.

However, two groups of users, new users and lurkers (people who have been users for awhile but haven't posted very much or not at all) will find that the barrier to entry is somewhat higher.

Sinking Island is something like a private club for Deep Sinking users. Like most private clubs, there is a certain exclusivity. In this case, established members prefer not to have to deal with "drive by" users: those who don't share our interests and those who just want to cause problems. Sinking Island has become a special place for many people. But since it is completely unmoderated, some steps are necessary to prevent abuse by a few from ruining it for everyone.

Not only is Sinking Island completely unmoderated, but it is a work in progress, which means that participation and feedback are essential. Every Sinking Island visitor consumes resources, and there is a finite amount of development time availabile. Priority must be given to those have the patience for a "beta" quality experience, and who are willing and able to provide feedback that will improve the overall Island experience.

Consequently, if you haven't demonstrated your interests through your posting activity, there are some additional steps you must take to gain access to Sinking Island:

Once these steps have been completed, "slam dunk" applications will often be approved within a few days. If an application for early access is not approved, you may still gain access by becoming a full board member, which requires a combination of participation and time as a member.

In all cases, admission and subsequent access to Sinking Island is at the sole discretion of the Deep Sinking moderators and site operators and may be granted or revoked at any time for any reason.

If these steps seem onerous, we apologize. They are not designed to deter those with sincere interest in gaining access to Sinking Island. They are, however, designed to deter those with merely a passing interest (or no real interest at all). Granting access to a new user is something special, so we don't feel too badly about making you work for it a little.

If you have questions or comments about this process, or if you need special help, please feel free to send an email.

Thank you for your interest in visiting Sinking Island. We hope to see you there soon.

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