Deep Sinking R/T Release Notes (0.2.x)

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0.2.16 IFB

This is a much smaller update designed to address a few more long-standing bugs.

On of the changes from 0.2.14 might have helped the issue of sending someone a tell message and seeing your name represented as "null." However, I have no real way to confirm this. So, if you see the "null" bug happen, please send me a report about it so I can put it back on the list. That bug makes me nuts! (Which, coincedentally, is what a lot of people say about me.)


0.2.14 IFB

This was a major infrastructure update. Some things that were preventing the further growth of Sinking Island have been restructured and certain features have been made more flexible. This required big changes deep in the core of the R/T code. While the result fixed some long-standing bugs, it has no doubt introduced others. Please let me know if you find them.

That should be it for now. I promise I'll add some more interesting stuff sometime soon.

0.2.12 IFB

Continuing the breakneck one-a-month pace of updates, here's one now.

This update includes two new profile features and a couple of new commands.

First, an option to indicate the level of interactivity you want in R/T.

The lowest level is off, which will completely disable your ability to use or be affected by most commands that affect other people. This will turn R/T primarily into a chat client without role-playing features, for people who aren't interested in that sort of thing.

The low option adds most harmless interaction commands, like the ability to give and receive objects.

The medium option is the default, and is equivalent to the level of interactivity before this change.

The high option (developed using the code name "Abuse Me") will allow a greater level of interactivity than that previously experienced.

Your selection will appear if someone examines you, ranging from "interested only in chat" (off) through "ready for anything" (high).

Two new commands, spank so-and-so and pull so-and-so (direction) have been added. These are available only if both people have the "high" option selected.

The second flag is a "gender type" setting. Some people have asked for a way to better clarify the difference between people who participate and post on the board who are actually one gender (let's not kid ourselves, we're by-and-large talking about women here) and people who role-play in R/T as a gender they may or may not actually be. Like the gender setting itself, this is completely optional. The four settings are:

biological - Indicates that the person participating on the board is actually the gender specified.

identify as - A setting for people whose biological gender may not accurately reflect the gender with which they mentally identified (e.g. transgendered persons).

role-play as - A setting for peope who wish to indicate that they are role-playing as a certain gender without making any definitive statement about their actual gender.

unspecified - The default setting, and the correct one for anyone who thinks this is a dumb experiment.

Your choice (if any) will be displayed in your profile.

Discussions among the moderators suggest that since this feature is wholly dependent on the honesty of the people involved, and the trust this community can place in itself, there may be negative consequences for getting caught falsely selecting "identify as" or "biological."

When people role-play, they need to make informed decisions. If someone has selected "role-playing as" then they have indicated that they do not wish to express their actual gender. Consequently it is inappropriate to ask and one should make one's decisions based on whatever the "worst case scenario" is; it is on you to make sure you're comfortable.

If you are "unspecified" then the shoe is on the other foot, it is your responsibility to understand and respect the preferences of the people you role-play with. If they would not be comfortable if they knew "the truth" then it is your job to protect their feelings.

Finally, some stuff has been reorganized to make it possible to add exciting new ways to restrain people in future updates. Wink

A small text bug was also fixed.

0.2.10a IFB

This is a very minor update (mostly to show I haven't forgotten how).

More stuff is coming, I promise. I've just been otherwise occupied lately, but I have a lot of good stuff (and not all for R/T) waiting in the wings for some free time to finish it.

0.2.10b IFB

An equally minor update.

0.2.10c IFB

Another minor update.

0.2.10d IFB (March 6, 2006)

Example of the enhanced emote feature:
You type: /me This is an emote by [me].
You see: This is an emote by Your Name.
Others see: This is an emote by Your Name.

0.2.10 IFB

This was a large update from an infrastructure perspective, but almost invisible in terms of visible effects.

0.2.8 IFB

This is a bug-fix update.

These bugs have been fixed:

0.2.6a IFB

This is a minor update.

New Features

0.2.6 IFB

New Features

Bug fixes

0.2.4 IFB

This is primarily a bug-fix release.

New features:

Bugs fixed:

0.2.2 IFB (Dec 14, 2005)

New Features

Bug Fixes

0.2.0 IFB

New features:

  • Added home, go home, and go to cantina commands.
  • Tweak the effect of sinking/rescuing somebody to be more reasonable and less tedious / repetitive (probably not finished in this area, but it should help a little)
  • Add the ability to adopt "poses" that replace the stock "So-and-so is here" message. (Suggested by Billie Bonce.)
  • Some area descriptions enhanced (thanks to Pam & Robert for suggestions!)
  • A Redo button that will recall your last command into the edit box so you can change, fix or repeat it.
  • The text entry is now a two-line box with scrollbars. (Suggested by Fred588)
  • For the winter months, hot cocoa has been added to the cantina.
  • Customizable description of physical appearance in R/T and in your board profile (managed via the "Edit Profile" link at the top of the page)

Bugs fixed:

  • Sometimes the Internet Explorer scroll bar overlaps text. (This is a bug in Internet Explorer, not R/T. Long live Firefox & Opera! Reported by Fred588 and h8ms2001.)

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